Could Peer-to-Peer Swarming Replace Cloud Computing?

There has been much talk of cloud computing being the next major wave. We’ve even discussed it on this site! Cloud computing still has many loyalist and could possibly be the standard for the future, but it’s not the only solution, and in fact cloud computing has its own share of problems. For example, last year Hurricane Sandy created an extensive downtime for some major websites after destroying a data center in Manhattan.

While some lessons were learned from this outage, the threat for major websites on cloud servers remains. An event at a particular physical location could bring down a major web location indefinitely. So what are some possible solutions? One is peer-to-peer (P2P) based solutions. For those who don’t know, P2P services like BitTorrent work by a user connecting to many other users and receiving little bits, or packets, of information. All these little bits build to be the whole file. The decentralized nature of this process would mean disaster of a physical data loss is less likely, and makes the situation more manageable should it ever happen. In the future, these P2P solutions may end up replacing data centers and other single location physical data storage solutions.