Eye of the Beholder

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We’ve talked on this blog about new technologies bordering on science-fiction of the last century, such as bionic limbs. Well this concept has been upgraded to a real bionic eye! Designed for those suffering from blindness due to retinis pigmentosa, the bionic eye will give some of that vision back to the disabled. The device has recently been approved by the FDA and will be available for sale in the United States before long.

The bionic eye works by implanting a device on the retina that receives a signa from a camera mounted on the eyeglass. The cells are stimulated as if receiving light, then transmitting that image to the brain. There are a limited number of electrodes, meaning patients may only be able to discern between shades of black, white, and grey – but still a dramatic improvement over not being able to see at all. This could be the difference of the ability to walk on the street without a guide system. This is great news for those in the United States and everywhere suffering from disabled vision, and causes optimism for the future of this technology.



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