Google+ Business Privacy Controls

We’ve discussed on this blog a number of changes Google has made with effects on all users, in particular those with Google+ for Business pages set up. Having a Google+ Business page for your business is very important for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) results. This page contains information about your business that helps Google point to your site when people perform a related search.

These Google+ for Business pages give this information to the wide world of the Internet, but you may not want to share this information with everyone. This is why Google has now added “restricted communities” to Google+ so users can control who sees their content by giving the user the ability to invite others for this privilege. The Google+ service was originally set up as a social networking site where users may want to reach as many other people as possible, but the new changes intend to help companies have conversations online without revealing too much. Posts can be restricted to the organization so only your colleagues will be able to see.

The administrators of the Google+ for Business page can set it to be restricted by default, make it more open to the public, or invite specific team members to be part of the conversation. The service has even been set up to allow for integration with outside social networking applications.