Network Support

From workstations to RAID arrays, to servers and routers, we manage your network better for less.

Birmingham Computer Support

Network problems cause a host of issues from employee frustration to data loss. New Merkel has a support platform designed to make it easy and quick to get any problems handled properly the first time. Allow us to support your employees. We take pride in bringing our clients and technology together. This in turn makes your employees happier and more productive.

Besides maintaining workstation and server network functionality, New Merkel can ensure the security of the network - reducing or eliminating malware outbreaks and system downtime. We can provide PCI Compliance and network penetration tests. We also provide equipment purchase, encryption service and backup systems for any budget. Give us a call to discuss your network needs today.

We maintain remote access so if a problem arises, we can log in within minutes and get to work on the issue to get you back up and running in the shortest time. We will take control of the entire situation so you don’t have to think about it and can get back to work.

Network Security

Reduce malware, reduce spam, control employee network useage, comply with PCI Compliance terms and rest easier knowing it's being handled properly.

Equipment Purchase

We can provide superior pricing and warranties on network equipment purchases including workstation computers, servers, laptops, tablets, mobile devices, routers, switches and more.

Employee Support

Allow us to support your employees. With remote support and a teaching philosophy, we enjoy helping users make the most of their work network which increases productivity.

Network Consultation

We can show you how to use hidden features of your existing network, expand your network, buy new equipment, even just help you wrap your head around the way it works. Our clients tell us we are really great at breaking things down and helping them to understand their options.

Data Recovery

Computer crash? Lose your pictures? Lost tomorrows proposal? Ex-employee deleted data? If the need is critical, we provide fully attended data recovery services. Here you can read more about data recovery and let us know if we can be of service.

Encryption & Backup

We can provide encryption to an already existing employee process seamlessly with little to no need for extra training. We utilize the most trusted and reviewed solutions. Is your data being backed up offsite to a secure location? Contact us for a private meeting.