Science Fiction or Fact?

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Welcome everyone, to the year 2012. Many of us thought we’d have flying cars and perhaps our own personal holodecks. Well, we haven’t gotten there yet. But we have come pretty far and there are many new technologies that seem like the stuff of science fiction from not too long ago.

One of the most exciting is people’s using their minds to communicate with technology, especially in the case of the disabled such as quadriplegics who are able to control their prosthetics using this method.

How about invisibility cloaks? It isn’t quite as simple as the fantasies yet, but several different institutions such as MIT and British Columbia company HyperStealth Technology have premiered invisibility cloaks using a method of bending light.

3-D printing is exciting new technology that will certainly be mentioned in the coming years. While consumer level models are limited in their abilities so far, they are becoming affordable for almost everyone and companies using more advanced models are able to produce incredible things, such as custom jaw implants all the way up to houses using these 3-D printers!

And while the holodeck is still a ways away, Google Goggles present a way to alter your perspective of reality. With graphics overlaying your view of the world in front of you and controlled by your voice and eye movement, this certainly feels closer to the alternate realities we expected by now.

These are just a few of the many amazing innovations our culture has created. Stay tuned for even more exciting ones developing this year!



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