The Great Internet Robbery

Who isn’t interested in stories about heists? The Great Train Robbery and Mission Impossible are the kinds of stories that captivate our attention and have us on the edge of our seats. But what if it turned out the greatest heist in history was taking place every day, right in front of us?

In the United States alone, companies lose about $350 billion a year to intellectual property theft and cyber crime. In an already tough economy, an extra $1 trillion a year is being spent globally to combat cyber crime. There are millions of different types of malware and more being created constantly, so the security industry will always be playing catch-up.

These attacks are from individuals and small organizations. While it is a concern now, the notion of entire countries and governments behind attacks can be much scarier. The number of cyber attacks and methods used have grown consistently over the last several years. We must stay on the cutting edge of security to bring this number down and do everything we can to be sure the good guys come out on top.