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Web Development

Websites, intranet portals, iPhone & Android apps, custom tools - you dream it, we code it.

We love web development. It is such a great opportunity to solve problems with creativity and wisdom. Having over a decade of experience combined with our talented pool of programmers allows us to create novel solutions to hard to solve problems. We have passion for the open source community and contribute to OS projects ranging from WordPress to Spark. Combined, our language mastery can be described as polyglotism.

Need a website modernized with JavaScript? Need a custom inventory tool developed in Python? Maybe a web portal in Ruby? We can choose the best language for the task as we have the best at our fingertips. Allow us to provide you with advice in getting started. We appreciate the opportunity to help prospective clients better understand the challenges with a particular development and thrive on meeting these challenges with a big smile.


It's the retail of the future. These days you need to be online. Sell your product or service online and get ahead of the curve. 


Manage your website via a Content Management System, enabling you to easily make changes.


We can develop solutions for use on an internal network or as a private web portal, get in touch with your specs.


Have an idea for an app? Need a mobile application to better serve your customers? We can make it easy.

Product Launch

Launching a product? We can make it a must have. Engage your prospective customer properly the first time.

Any Language

We have combined experience in too many languages to name. We can advise you from a language agnostic perspective.

Birmingham Alabama Web Developers

Cross-platform & responsive web development

We have a thorough process that allows us to develop tools and websites that will work with any browser, computer or mobile device. Responsive design is a must-have these days as some estimates have 60% of traffic coming from mobile devices and tablets. Make sure your users will have a great experience regardless of device.

Private testing portal for easy review of your web development

New Merkel can provide a secure portal for easy review of your project to allow you to test, make notes and communicate with us easily. Hidden from the public, we can provide access to any approved users to allow for easy reviews.

Birmingham Web Development Services