The Internet Is Getting Clogged

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The world is becoming more dependent every year on computer technology fueling industry, and many industries are based around data being transferred online, which generally needs to be stored somewhere. But considering a site like YouTube for example has approximately 8 years worth of content uploaded to it every day, this is clearly a lot of storage needed. Even though data storage is getting cheaper, the amount needing to be stored is growing at a faster pace. This is creating great pressure on developers and businesses who require significant amounts of data storage.

One analyst estimates the number of smart devices like phones and laptops connected to the Internet will triple the amount of people in the world, creating an 18-fold increase in mobile data traffic. This is accompanying a mass conversion to cloud computing, where data is processed and stored online. This helps create storage space but is putting greater demand on being able to process the data. One Oracle worker warned businesses could be “drowning in data,” and Apple’s Steve Wozniak has predicted cloud computing is going to cause “a lot of horrible problems in the next five years.” “With the cloud, you don’t own anything. You already signed it away.”

So there’s no room left on your computer, and the alternative of keeping everything on the cloud has security issues and potential traffic jams that could hinder data transfer. We will have to rely on the innovation of the tech industry to help solve these problems.



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